BeKool Trainer and Simulator

BeKool Trainer + Simulator

A Turbo trainer that connects you with routes and fellow riders around the world.

When it's wet cold and there's no one to ride with this BeKool trainer and simulator is a fantastic alternative. You can train in the dry, in the warm against fellow cyclists and ride hundreds of different iconic routes in all types of conditions. The simulation is incredible, and the feedback realistic.

"It really is like being there cycling the route visually and in terms of workload"

Oakham Cycle Centre have a Bike and BeKool Simulator set up in the shop. Come along and take a look and give this amazing trainer a try .....let's see how good you are ?

BKOOL has the most advanced cycling simulator in home training.
• Use your outdoor routes on your home trainer
• Share your outdoor rides and indoor sessions with friends
• Compete with other BKOOL users
• Power output display, cadence and auto resistance
• 1000's of streaming videos including Vuelta, TDF and Giro Stages!

BeKool Simulator image

BKOOL will change how you work out...

  • 3D Velodrome mode - Overtaking, Speed, Drafting and all the realism of a professional track.
  • Videos - Enjoy riding along a coastline, a video upload from another user or Giro, TDF Stage.
  • Compete in a league - There are 100's of leagues to join where you can see your raking against others, or you can create your own.
  • Take on other individuals with similar traits - If your a good climber, race against another.
  • A powerful analysis platform calculates and stores all your session data.
  • Voice chat if you want to talk to the person your racing or someone else in the group.
  • Import your own routes from your commute, a race you did or a weekend ride.

The BKool trainer has variable resistance, power and cadence output and is connected to your laptop using the supplied USB ANT+ dongle. The dongle is also compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors.

The BSim software runs on your PC/MAC to display/record your sessions and alter resistance. BSim software is free to download from At the end of each session your data is uploaded to your personal profile on

Price. £448.00

If you are a Rutland Velo Club Member you will be entitled to a discount.