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Electric Bikes

We at Oakham Cycle Centre love e-bikes (or hybrid bikes, or pedal assist bikes as they are sometimes called) and we have been out and about demonstrating their many benefits.

E-bikes are great fun and allow a wider group of all ages of people to enjoy the health and social benefits of cycling in our beautiful local countryside. An e-bike allows you to improve your fitness and cycle when otherwise might struggle, or to keep up with a stronger partner. With an e-bike all sorts of activities are open to you: rides with the children or grandchildren, days out exploring with friends.

The are also very practical. A trip to the shops or a local errand is so much easier and convenient. E-bikes allow many people to cycle to work without breaking a sweat and requiring a change of clothing. Cycle to Work schemes may also be available to help with your purchase

E-bikes are a lot of fun but also very practical. Riding an e-bike has been described as having a strong tail wind on your back all the time….

We have access to the Wisper and Peugeot range of e-bikes which both contain e-bikes to suit all types of riders and riding situations with different range capabilities and specifications.

Call in to the Oakham Cycle Centre shop to experience a ride on an e-bike or give us a call.

Pretty much everybody who actually sits on the saddle and experiences an e-bike ride comes back with a huge smile convinced.... You have to try it.