Fulcrum Wheels | Racing Quattro DB (disc)

Nice Wheels...

We have recently fitted a set of Fulcrum Racing Quattro DB (disc) carbon clincher wheels, with 40mm full carbon rim profile and disc brake hubs to an lovely Orro Gold with Full Ultegra Di2 groupset.

These Quattro DB wheels deliver excellent ride and grip performance, superb durability and  superior braking both in dry or wet conditions.

Fulcrum says: "Whatever the situation, the promise is to become the ideal ride companion every day. 
Thanks to its magical balance, the new 40 mm profile of these road bike wheels will do credit to itself on any road you tackle together. 
Performance? It's aerodynamic, stable and fast. Climbs? It stays light and reactive when accelerating. 
Downhills? It's decisive and easy to handle. 
Racing? It's simple - just try it!"

If you are interested in upgrading your current bike with a set of these great wheels do get in touch.