New Guee Lights and Computer Mount Brackets

Just Arrived Guee lights and Accessories

We are stocking some great new great Guee Lights and Brackets which have just arrived.

Illustrated above is the G Mount Bracket designed for the touring and adventure riders, the rechargeable light has a bar of 4 LEDs, but it also has an interchangeable bracket that fits most systems of camera and cycle computer (Garmin). Made from full CNC machined aluminum the G-Mount is a slick and lightweight multi-bracketed lighting solution that reduces handlebar clutter.

The COB-X front and rear lights (shown top left) are a lightweight, rechargeable green product available in front and rear options.
The design allows the COB-X to be mounted vertically or horizontally on a bicycle's seat post, fork, handle bar or saddle bag. The built in rechargeable battery with a 1 hour and 40 minutes quick charge through the micro-USB, is deal for riders in a rush! The design comes with a separate clip-on silicon band, offering an option to change the colour as well as increasing the durability of the product.

The Camaro is a  simple design, wide spread beam super bright LED light with user friendly mounting options. With +/- 20 degrees horizontally adjustable bracket and super stretchy silicon skin, it can be easily strapped onto many different places; seat stay, front fork, seat post, handlebar, rucksack straps to name just a few. Offers up to 100hr burn times in flashing mode.

Informative Videos for these products are shown below. 
Guee Computer , Front Light and Camera Mount

COB-X Front and Rear lights

Guee -Camaro Front and Rear lights