The Kinesis Range of Frames, Build kits and Bikes 

For 15 years Kinesis have been designing frames in the UK and the ‘Kinesis UK’ name has come to stand for quality, detailing, affordability and above all superb ride quality and fit. The Kinesis UK range includes a broad range of Road, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike frame sets, build kits, forks, wheels, seat-posts, and handlebars.

Kinesis bike riders are  enthusiasts, who won’t settle for an ‘off the peg’ bike, Kinesis customers know the thrill of riding a new bike that they have chosen every component for and the feeling of the first ride on a machine that they have built themselves from Kinesis components.

Increasingly customers are going to Kinesis not for frames and kits but to purchase a complete bike, a bike that has been designed and engineered for our unique UK riding conditions, a bike that can be ridden all year round, trained on and raced on.Kinesis continue to design and create bikes and frames that are versatile, fun and fast.

Our website illustrates the Kinesis range of Road, CycloCross and MTB bikes and Oakham Cycle Centre are specialist suppliers for all these Kinesis bikes and can help with either selecting a frame and kit of parts to construct your Kinesis dream bike, or helping select a complete bike for you type of riding. 

"Call our friendly and knowledgable team on 01572 757058 to us discuss your Kinesis needs." 

Kinesis Range

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