Servicing your bike

Riding a bike is an unparalleled experience, the thrill of the wind rushing through your hair; the rush of pedalling your heart out whilst racing uphill… it’s a feeling like no other. But in order to ensure this feeling lasts as long as possible, it’s essential that your bike is properly cared for. It’s with this mind that we at Merlin Cycles have put together this comprehensive user guide detailing everything you need to know about servicing a road bicycle. 
Whether you’ve just bought your first road bike or you are simply looking to save some money and maintain your cycle yourself, this guide will outline everything you can do to keep your hardware peak condition.

Why Do It Yourself? 
If you’re a long time cyclist, chances are you’ve had to have some work done on your bike in the past. Whilst you yourself may have occasionally replaced the chain or changed your gear cable, but when it comes to actually getting your hands dirty and fiddling with the technical parts, many people prefer to take their bike to a specialist, or back to the store from whence it was brought. 
Of course there’s nothing wrong with this. These are trained professionals whose job it is to help you, and there will be some issues which are probably best dealt with by an experienced professional; but you could often save yourself the trouble by actually carrying out the majority of work yourself. 
Even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to mechanics, it’s never been easier to service your own bike. There are thousands of resources and guides (much like