Surly Trail Krampus OPS 2016

Krampus OPS is a trail bike that also tackles all kinds of terrain. Krampus lives somewhere between bushwhacking, speed racing, and back lot dirt track riding, and all this makes it just plain fun to ride.

 Krampus’s frame (geometry, tubing diameter/thickness) has been designed with a long toptube and a short a rear end  with given the wheel/tire size. This, when combined with the big, wide tires, results in a mad amount of rolling inertia and grip. It rips and responds well and the big tires also offer a bit of suspension-like cushion.

A great bike....

The “Ops” in Ops at Surly is short for “Optional” and that means that this build doesn’t just have some fancy new trim package, but is spec’d and in this case designed a bit differently to offer the user “optional” utility.

The Krampus Ops comes with a Surly OD crank, giving you far more possibilities for drivetrain (you can convert it to an off-set double by adding one of our chainrings and then using a direct mount standard front derailleur and an adapter to give you optimal tire clearance). So a few more options there.

The Krampus Ops also features our Modular Dropout System (MDS), allowing you to change up your drivetrain according to needs. Frames ship with MDS dropouts in 10mm track end single speed, standard vertical with derailleur hanger and a 142 x 12mm thru-axle versions while complete bikes ship with the 10mm vertical chip.

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