The Iconic Wisper brand has been synonymous with high quality, innovative electric bikes for over a decade, Wisper was one of the first British designed electric bikes to be sold in the UK. Wisper service and hold spare parts for most of the bikes we have ever built and have customers still riding their Wispers after a decade of service.

Wisper electric bikes have the reputation of being slightly ahead of the pack utilising the very latest in electric bike technology.

The new SE models are built using many of the same high quality parts as our superb Torque bikes. The ten year warranty frame, rack and battery packs are identical. To build a more affordable Wisper we have have changed the drive system and a few other key components giving our customers a lot of bike for their money!

The 705SE bikes are available in three colours Black, Electric Blue and Burgundy.


In 2016 Wispa introduced three brand new bikes along side the Tourqe range. The Wisper SE range, consists of the 705se step-through, the 905se crossbar and 806se folding bike. Our these new SE models are built using many of the same high quality parts as the superb Torque bikes. 


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Wisper Step Thro Range 

Wisper 705 Torque

Wisper 705se

Wisper Folding Bike Range 

Wisper 806 Torque

Wisper 806se

Wisper Cross Bar Range 

Wisper 905 Torque

Wisper 905se

Wisper 929 Torque