About Oakham Cycle Centre

Oakham Cycle Centre is a great local business with a passion for all things cycling. OCC offers a comprehensive range of different bikes from a select range of world renowned brand names to meet men’s and women’s cycling needs for Road, Mountain or Urban cycling.

We have specialists and passionate riders who regularly participate in these different cycling types who can offer practical advice from real experience. Whether it is Road, MTB or Triathlon cycling we have the products and knowledge to help locally.

OCC are main bike dealers in this area for Cannondale, Kinesis, Merida, ORRO and the Surly brands. We also are your local centre in Oakham for e-Bikes from Wispa and Peugeot. Our website gives information on all these impressive brands and information on the complete range of individual bike types comprising each brand.

OCC also stock and can help with the right choice of helmets, shoes and cycling apparel.

OCC also stock accessories such as front and rear lights wheels, pedals, tyres, inner tubes and much more to keep you cycling.

When something goes wrong oops ! or you need technical help to service your bike OCC can help. For all your repairs upgrades or servicing needs we have the required expertise and carry a comprehensive range of spares. If we don’t have it, we can normally order it in within a short space of time.

The OCC shop is the starting point for group rides of different types at differing levels on several evenings during the week. On Saturday mornings the Velo Club Rutland meet outside for a Café Ride. Our website has more detail under RIDES

Give us a call or drop in and take a look at what the friendly and knowledgeable local Oakham Cycle Centre has to offer you for all your Road, MTB and Urban cycling needs.

We look forward to helping you soon ....


Electric Bikes

We at Oakham Cycle Centre love e-bikes (or hybrid bikes, or pedal assist bikes as they are sometimes called) and we have been out and about demonstrating their many benefits.

E-bikes are great fun and allow a wider group of all ages of people to enjoy the health and social benefits of cycling in our beautiful local countryside. An e-bike allows you to improve your fitness and cycle when otherwise might struggle, or to keep up with a stronger partner. With an e-bike all sorts of activities are open to you: rides with the children or grandchildren, days out exploring with friends.

The are also very practical. A trip to the shops or a local errand is so much easier and convenient. E-bikes allow many people to cycle to work without breaking a sweat and requiring a change of clothing. Cycle to Work schemes may also be available to help with your purchase

E-bikes are a lot of fun but also very practical. Riding an e-bike has been described as having a strong tail wind on your back all the time….

We have access to the Wisper and Peugeot range of e-bikes which both contain e-bikes to suit all types of riders and riding situations with different range capabilities and specifications.

Call in to the Oakham Cycle Centre shop to experience a ride on an e-bike or give us a call.

Pretty much everybody who actually sits on the saddle and experiences an e-bike ride comes back with a huge smile convinced.... You have to try it.

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